Based in Wigan and the West Midlands, our offices are conveniently located to major road networks ensuring we can react to our customers requests quickly and easily.

Our project and service team ensure that we can deliver our promises on time, every time!

Values & Expectations

Established in 1990, Link Contracting are a family owned business and the family dynamics are demonstrated at every level of our operations and within our core values and expectations. Our team all work very closely together and are generally involved at all levels within the business giving us the edge on our competitors in that we are able to offer an exceptional level of customer service and providing real people with real values who are always obtainable and extremely passionate about our business.


We are very proud of our heritage and our roots, and although we face diverse challenges within the industry, we firmly believe that our honesty, transparency and our family values will ensure our sustainability and continued growth.

Our Mission

Our Mission remains that same as it has always been:

  • Open Discussion: Healthy debate is our core strength and we encourage a blame-free culture
  • Open with Customers: We guarantee our customers family values of trust and transparency
  • Open Doors: We are approachable people in a relaxed environment where customers are always welcome
  • Open to Change: We have moved with the times and will continue to move forward into the future.
  • Open Minded:  We’re relaxed about learning from others and making changes